Indie Meetup uncovers a video game podcast. Listen to independent game developers share stories and experiences.

The inspiration to start my own podcast began in 2014. I was searching for something to listen to. Luckily, I came across a great variety of podcast. I started to distinguish what made a good podcast show by what kept my attention. The video game podcasts I would listen from beginning to end had one thing in common. Both the host and the guests put themselves out there to the world. The host was particularly good at going off-script. These unscripted scenarios uncovering deeper and more interesting insights. 

Living in Malta, the level of video game development expertise is minimal. My aim with Indie Meetup was to allow me to talk to video creators. This way I could get inside their head and discover how they got into the game industry, and what kept them there.

Why are Video Game Podcasts important?

I love the podcast medium as a publishing platform and building connections. Podcasts uncover content, personality, story, and experience, in a conversation manner.

Podcasts are practical and easy to listen to. Listening to an 8 grade kid created a game that generated over 1 million installs was incredible.

Video game development is a very difficult industry to work in. People who enjoy video games find it hard to understand the complexities. Creating a video game podcast allows better understanding. Indie Meetup uncovers insecurities, failures, triumphs, and emotions creators go through.

If there is someone you’d like to your video game experience, please react out to me.

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